OfficeWorld Remanufactured HP 21 22 Ink Cartridges 21XL 22XL Compatible with HP Deskjet F2280 F380 F4180 D2360 D1460 HP PSC 1410
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Contents: Remanufatured for 21XL 22XL high yield remanufactured ink cartridges (1 Black, 1 Tri-Color) Ink Volume: Black 20ML, Tri-Color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) 18ML per color. Page Yeild: 730 pages for black cartridge, 350 pages for color cartridge. Work with: HP Deskjet 3910 3915 3920 3930 3930v 3940 3940v HP OfficeJet 4315 4315v 4315xi J3608 J3625 J3635 J3640 J3650 J3680 F2110 F2120 F2128 F2140 F2180 F2187 F2188 F2210 F2212 [Please check the product description below] 12 Months 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you have any problems(includes VAT Invoice Request), please kindly contact us via logging in your Amazon Buyer Account > Click Your Account > Your Orders > Find your order and click Contact Seller, our customer service team will give you a response ASAP.

OfficeWorld Remanufactured HP 21 22 Ink Cartridges 21XL 22XL Compatible with HP Deskjet F2280 F380 F4180 D2360 D1460 HP PSC 1410
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Take the OfficeWorld, Print Your Colorful Life!

Compatible with the Following Printers 
HP Fax 3180 
HP PSC 1402 1410 1415 1417 
HP Officejet 4315 4355 J3680 
HP Deskjet 3910 3920 3930 3940 
HP Deskjet D2330 D2345 D2360 D2430 D2445 D2460 D2468 
HP Deskjet D1311 D1320 D1330 D1341 D1360 D1420 D1430 D1445 D1455 D1460 D1468 D1520 D1530 D1560 
HP Deskjet F2110 F2120 F2140 F2180 F2185 F2187 F2210 F2212 F2235 F2240 F2250 F2275 F2280 F2290 F325 
HP Deskjet F335 F340 F350 F370 F375 F380 F390 F394 F4135 F4140 F4150 F4172 F4175 F4180 F4185 F4190 F4194

Product Features 
• Premium Quality: Easy to Install. Smooth printing without clogging. Clear printing quality and vivid color. 
• Save Your Money: High capacity ink at a fraction of the cost. Prints more pages than original manufactured brand. 
• 100% Compatibility: Adopting the lastest smart chips. Shows accurate ink level. Printer Recognition without problems. 
• Cost Effective: Great value OfficeWorld 21XL 22XL ink cartridges with reasonable price for daily use such as school, work, and home printing. 
• Safe Package: Every cartridge is safely sealed in an individual package. You don't have to worry about any leakage on your hands, desk and carpet.

How to Use it Properly? 
• Please remove the black protecting cover before using, then tear off the plastic tape. 
• When printer tells you 'Not recognized ink cartridges', please clean the chip contacts of the cartridges with a rubber eraser or cotton swab and install the ink cartridges again.

After-sales Service (12 Months Money Back Guarantee) 
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